Review ARENA Cobra swimming googles

26 Sept 2020

Finally I found it! My ideal swimming googles. Yeah it took a few years but I finally got there.

ARENA Cobra Core googles.

I bought my first pair 3 years ago to use it for indoor swimming pools. I enjoyed it a lot. Still for open water and triathlon races I kept on trying different models, specific triathlon brands like Roka, Zoggs. Although they have great feature I always found a reason why it was just not working on 3-4k swims outside (fogging eg and anti-fog solutions also did not help). 

Then 2 years ago I started using the Cobras also for outside and it worked! I swam my last 2 IRONMAN races in ARENA Cobra Cora googles. 

Let's go to the specs!

-No leak (this is the minimum you expect from a swimming google though :) )

-Comfort: no issue to swim a full IRONMAN in these 

-UV protection

-Specific indoors and outdoors model 

-Changeable nose pieces

-Anti fog (this is the area where I used to still apply the Arena anti fog spray regularly after a few weeks usage - the new swipe solution I just started to use I am interested if that solves the issue)

-Versatile: this google is specific racing gear but I am using this for racing indoors/outdoors, training indoors/outdoors. I have darker shade for outside and this golden mirror color and 2 transparent for inside.

-Durability: my 3 years pair old I am still using for pool trainings, really great durability, no scratches (OK, I also keep them safe not just throw in a bag), the rubber band is also as good as new. 

-Price: specific to the model, not the cheapest on the market but great value for the price. If you would add up how much I have spent the past 25 yrs since I am swimming on useless googles...

Where can you buy? On Wiggle there are a few models still on massive sale, go and check it out here 

Happy swimming!