Mental Coaching for Athletes

In sports, and especially in competitive sports, most of the training efforts are focused on the physical improvement of the athletes. Either by performing exercises or following special diets, athletes improve their abilities in strength and duration.  This in combination with good equipment and the right coaching can enable athletes to make major improvements in their performance.  However, experience and studies show, that the ultimate end result of all efforts made by an athlete not only are impacted by their physical state, but for a large part they are also impacted by how athletes think about what they do and what they want to achieve. This mental part has until recently always considered to be a part of the athlete that is either there (winner) or not (loser). But that is not the case. Nobody is born with a strong drive to achieve goals and nobody is born with a losing mindset. What happens when we grow up is that we learn certain skills and habits (good and bad ones) depending what was best for us in a certain situation. Most of these skills and habits are developed almost unconsciously, which results that athletes have no idea about their existence. The good news is that all these skills and habits can be adjusted. This means that everybody can develop winning skills and it also means that when you follow certain recipes for success and/or remove your mental barriers (which most of the time are just caused by bad habits) you will be able to perform better during your sports.

Our coach Arthur de Niet offers mental coaching sessions for athletes virtually with the focus on making the athlete more resilient and able to overcome experienced mental blockades by adjusting bad habits and negative self-talk. Each athlete has of course different experiences and mental blocks, which is why the mental coaches sessions are adapted and fine-tuned to the specific needs of the athlete. Most mental coaching programs take  3 - 5 virtual sessions but the specific length of the program can only be determined after the initial in-take session.

How to start:
Step 1: Download the (free) USC MC Self-check to determine if mental coaching can help you.
Step 2: Book your  initial in-take session by sending your request in the below contact form.