Goal setting

It’s mid February at the moment and the new year’s festivities are already becoming a vague memory for you. What you of course didn’t forget is your good intention to “do more in sport” this year. So maybe you have already looked at some good running shoes to buy or maybe even already tried a 5km run in the weekend, 3 weeks ago, but yeah...... there simply isn’t enough time in a day to go on with sports...

This course of events is what happens in many lives among us. We have the intention to start and set a general goal like doing more sports, eat healthier and sleep longer, but when it comes to the actual doing.... there always seems to be a good reason not to start today, but rather wait for tomorrow or another "better" moment.
This is of course not the best way to achieve a goal and get better in life. Everybody knows that, but  there is just something that keeps us distracted from what we want to do. And that something is actually “ourselves”, or perhaps better described as our unconscious selves. Our unconscious self is what we are almost 95% of our time. It’s our  “auto-pilot” way of doing things, like driving a car or riding a bike. We realize we do it and sometimes even focus on it for a minute or 2, but then go back to our auto-pilot mode and focus on something else; music, a conversation or other more important thoughts.
In order to make a goal and stick to it, something more has to be done rather than just wanting it; you need to commit yourself to the goal and remind yourself regularly that you actually want to achieve that goal.
Once you realize this the following question comes; “what do I actually want to achieve?” What do I, concrete, want to achieve if I start to go sporting or running? Well, that question can be answered by appropriate goal-setting. Science has proven that when someone takes the time to focus on determining what they concrete want to achieve in the form of a well described goal, they have a substantial higher chance to actually achieve that goal. So just making sure your goal is well defined will already help you substantially to achieve it and for sure will be a lot more motivating to work on than something vague you would like to accomplish somewhere in your life.
If you recognize yourself in the above story, there is good news. First, you are not alone. Studies show that the majority of the people simply struggle to get even clear what they really want to achieve in their lives. Second, there is a free goalsetting 101 guide available for you at the website of UltimateSuccessCoaches which will help you getting your goals clear. To download your copy just go to www.ultimatesuccesscoaches.com
Good luck with this first step!!!