Life after the first full distance Ironman

Hello IM tribe-members,
Let's discuss a common dilemma that we all have experienced once we achieved our ultimate goal: finishing an IM 140.6 (or a marathon or a half distance tri, depending on your ultimate sport goal..). Your whole life has changed the last year(s) in order to prepare for that ultimate goal; you are used to get up at 06:00 in the morning to go swimming, you are used to put on your running shoes for a 21km run tired after a long day work, you got used to go to bed exhausted at 21:00 or 22:00 at night and you are eating super healthy every day. And then... the ultimate challenge is there; you succeed; YOU ARE AN IRONMAN! 

Of course after that big event you take a break from all of the above; you actually must do that after an Ironman in order to give your body some time to recover from this extreme performance. So..... the next weeks you take your time, you slowly recover; your muscles are feeling better slowly again and you don't feel exhausted all the time anymore. And then......... there is that moment when you should start to train again, but its difficult to start, you need a bit of motivation to do it. And there you realize: what will I actually go training for? What is my next goal? Another IM 140.6 or "just" a IM 70.3??
Questions we all have I guess and what worked for me is to at least agree with myself that I wanted to stay in the good healthy shape I worked so hard for.  But I really needed to set a new goal for this year in order to get back at the diligent training regime of my Trifharder coach. So.... I decided in December to train for a next IM, but 'only' an IM 70.3 this year (yeah I will take it easy this year :-)). I will go for the IM70.3 in Knokke (Belgium) in September. Since I made that decision my training hours have already improved 100% and must admit I just needed a target or goal to work towards to get me going again. 

So my advise to all of you who suffered from the same; just select your next tri race and go for it!
Keep tri f.. harder !

Cheers, Arthur