Meet Eva

My name is Eva Kucich, and I have been part of Dora’s Trifharder team for a second year.
I have been in triathlon since 2018. After a couple of races, I realized that I could only do more and better with a guidance of a coach, and I found Dora, following her great results on Instagram. 


I learned that she did 14 Ironmans and a double Ironman, so far, made my decision by trusting my training to a well-experienced athlete and a coach in the field.

I have not regretted my decision since, and Dora and I are making racing and training history for me.
I’m a professional, working about 10 hours a day, also handing a side-business in parallel. Receiving Dora’s guidance and monthly schedule took much mental effort off my shoulders and left me without a worry, whether I was doing a good thing. It makes it so much easier the training and preparation in already packed daily schedule by following what is recommended, without much thinking, but trusting because the program has been done by a professional with experience and a proven record of success.

The 2020 and 2021 were Covid-19 heavy to all of us. I also went through a relationship breakup in 2021. Having Dora backing me up was one of the positive anchors enabling me to push through the uncertainties and fears I was facing about my future. Having a training schedule and Dora’s support was the only constant I had for six months of the turbulent time in life, which also brought me to finish the IM70.3 Bolton, UK race. I had not had much time to prepare and was racing mostly on my residual endurance; thus, it was the most challenging race I have done so far. But wearing Trifharder tri-suit colours would not let my coach and me down. Wearing the team colours raised a sense of accountability, and being a part of the Trifharder tribe, was stronger than pain and exhaustion.

Dora continues the work with me, and we are heading to a strong 2022 racing season with some pivotal IM70.3 races on it. I’m looking forward to it and feel mentally strong. I know I will make it because I have Dora supporting me. 


Go Team Trifharder!