Meet Amir

Hi team,
Amir Haxha here from Norway. I am 38 years old, originally from Kosovo, lived in Sweden for 18 years and decided to move alone to Norway in 2014. My life is here now – I'm married and we have a 5 year old boy. I have a master degree in economics (finance) and work as a leader in Norway’s largest insurance company and love what I do.
My first word was “ball” and I have played football (the European version hehe) all my life. Running has always been a great joy for me and I loved the team spirit and the feelings we got together as a group.
My wife is from Turkey (you can imagine how my son grew up with Norwegian, Swedish, Albanian, Turkish and English languages!:D) and we were in Turkey last summer. Over there in our vacation we saw a show which they have every night and suddenly a young 10 year old boy started to talk to me in Turkish. I didn’t understand so his father translated to me that his son was wondering if I was an Ironman since I had a Garmin watch like his dad. I smiled and said no. Later that night I started to think about it and thought – “Amir, go crazy and do it – do it for your son to show him one day that his father can be an Ironman”! Since that night I made up my mind and said ok, as soon as I go back to Norway I will start this journey. You have to know that at that time I didn’t own a bike, I could barely swim 50 meters and yes you can imagine I had a looong road. 😊 But it excited me and thought this journey I want to take.
Back home in Norway I got corona after 3 days. It just motivated me even more to do it. I started to run 2-3 weeks after I got well again but could still feel in my lungs. Either way, I ran and ran and surely soon after I got injured in my hip. A lot of willpower but with no plan I decided to look for a coach and I am very glad I came in contact with Dora. She has been a gamechanger for me and I have grown both as a person and as an athlete since November last year. Corona shut down has made it difficult to swim more, and my hip injury has been a real bug but finally now all is opened up and I am all well.
Many have said to me to go shorter distances but I am fully committed to do the full Ironman 140.6 in Kalmar in August this year (22nd). I have absolutely no idea how it will go and Dora must have some thoughts here (😊) but I have to try and will give my all. When I run through that finish line – exhausted, physically and mentally – know that I will only think this “pain is temporary, but this achievement will last for the rest of my life”.
Thanks again coach for all your help and support! Thank you all for letting me share my story with you and I wish you all a great journey that we share together like triathletes.
Of course whatever you do: Trifharder!
Best regards,