Review PerfectPace intelligent training platform

28 Dec 2020

Perfect Pace is an intelligent training platform, where you as an (tri)athlete can not only upload your trainings but also it provides various possibilities to analyse your result and schedule the trainings.

Disclosure: I have been provided a free "Ultimate AI" account for a few months but this review is not sponsored or reviewed by the company.

General features

  • The training program provides 3 different level of access for athletes (not tested the coach features): basic, premium and the mentioned "Ultimate AI" option for different prize categories. The basic is free just like at several other market competitors. During the 2 months when I used the program I had no hiccups to synchronize my trainings with the platform, most major GPS watch and bike computer providers' data can be uploaded. This is already a great point.
  • You can schedule in your races as at many other platforms.
  • You can also provide an overview for your coach which hours are you available for trainings (or period of the day) in general. You can even customize it for an upcoming week or select just one sport. (see below photo grid)
  • As we are used to already, we can also schedule a training for ourselves. 


  • As I tested the highest level of access, you can choose there for an option which provides you with an automatically generated training plan for the upcoming 2 weeks based on your planned races and your past trainings. I have not seen this feature anywhere before yet and it's great to see INNOVATION. 
  • These scheduled trainings also explain the purpose of that given training and provides some background what a coach would also do. These workouts can be moved to another day in the week if that's a better fit in your time schedule, something is popping up which happens frequently at us, age-group triathletes.
  • You can also purchase specific training plans for specific race distances/goals and for some of these plans you get also recurring consultation time with the coach linked to these plans. These plans come with a trial week. Nice touch. 

Can be improved

  • When you schedule a training yourself, you cannot build it up in intervals, there is no workout editor. It will be available soon though and then you can upload structured workouts to Garmin and Zwift e.g.
  • AI is for me a great feature but also it seems to be in a start phase. Of course I don't know algorythm behind but at several trainings what I received for the upcoming weeks I did not understand how it'd fit my IM 70.3 preparations. You still need a coach who would check and overview the received proposed trainings.


If you are interested, you can reach the application at PerfectPace - Train, race and recover at your PerfectPace